Skate Away

Sticking with this 90's-esque vibe - I have decided to do a few things this year that I have always wanted to do.

1. Road trip across America (currently saving)
2. Learn the drums (got the sticks now looking for a cool drum teacher)
3. Give the skateboard a proper go.

Ha.. now don't laugh. I had a bit of time on a skate board in my youth (obviously, totally laughable) and I want to have another go. The way I see it, some people roller skate for fun... why can't I skateboard?

Unfortunately, I don't think I will be looking as cute as any of these skateboarding lovelies... (due to the fact that I will be flat on my ass most of the time.)


Gloria Marigo

Zanita Morgan for The Stylist’s Own

Zanita Morgan for The Stylist’s Own

Note: I just put the last Steve McQueen pic in just cos it is just soooooooo friggen COOL!

NOW... I just have to get myself a skateboard... will keep ya posted with pic of all my bruises. Ha ha, I'm laughing about myself already!

L x

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